Within our team we have the following teams:

Inclusion – Kat Newman and Suzanne De’Haro

The inclusion team are on hand prior to camp to answer any questions from leaders, participants or parents and are happy to discuss individual needs on an anonymised basis (means they will not ask for the details of the person and will not keep any records of the young person). Their primary aim is to always direct back to the leaders and to support the leaders in a plan that enables a young person to attend camp and fully engage.

They are able to sign-post those that require additional help. Based on the information they have prior to camp they may speak to individual teams asking for your help and support in adapting activities or structure to support those on camp.

During camp they will be based in the breathing space and will be on hand to support all on camp with an inclusion questions or respond to issues that arise once on camp. They may also be found wandering around the site ensuring we comply with the inclusion needs of all attending.

Public Health – Helen Kerr

Their role is to take pressure off the medical centre and assist leaders with responding with their own first aid. They will pop in to the sub camps 3 times during the day to support as following:

  • Monitor what incidents/accidents are recorded at sub camp HQ and replenish first aid boxes if necessary
  • Feed back any significant incident/accidents to Health and welfare as changes to risk assessments may be necessary
  • Help with education and training where necessary to control several similar patterns, such as bites, stings, sickness
  • Monitor records of S&D and work with the medical team
  • Deal with out-patient care checking in on patients at the sub-camp who have been to the medical centre and reapplying bandages etc.

They will also be on hand throughout the site ensuring everyone is maintaining good standards of health and hygiene to prevent any potential outbreaks of S&D.

The team have produced a good user guide of what to do in the event of an incident/accident and we intend to display these around site.

Safeguarding – Sue Gardner and Gill Gates

Sue and Gill are the designated safeguarding lead for Charnwood 19 and all concerns, worries or allegations should be reported direct to either one, as per Charnwood 19 policy. Gill will based at the main gate (visitors) and she will be carrying out all leaders briefing outside of arrivals day to ensure the safeguarding message is robust. Sue will be wandering around site, on hand for advice.

Listening Ear – Selina Thraves and Liz Lowe

Selina and liz will be supporting the 2 listening ear leaders on sub camps and checking in with them several times a day to make sure they are ok. They will be making sure that any safeguarding concerns have been appropriately escalated and supporting the leaders to find solutions to the children’s problems while allowing the leaders to off-load potentially emotionally draining information.

When not on the sub-camps Selina and Liz will be based at Breathing space and accessible for leaders to vent to as they will be the perfect people able to offer a ‘good listening’

Well-being stewards

The well-being stewards are made up of a lot of experience, including; mental health, well-being and children. They will be paired up and we anticipate 2 x pairs out in the village at any one time. They will be easily identifiable with their clothing (still to be decided) and they will be asking all people; staff, participants, young leaders, leaders, visitors etc how they are feeling. They will be tuned-in to people’s well-being and quick to identify a tired child, hungry leader or a staff member that is upset.

The team will listen and help all people to find solutions that enable them to fully enjoy camp.

They are not a policing presence and not there to criticise anyone, only to offer support and help in a time when mental health affects 1 in 4 people. They will quick to problem-solve and find positive solutions, at times they may approach you for help or support in achieving this.

Breathing Space

It is planned to run well-being activities such as Yoga and meditation for participants and staff/leaders and there is a space for those that want to be alone and have some thinking time.