International Travel to England

Planning your journey to Charnwood may seem daunting. However, our international team are here to help you and have put together some helpful information to make your journey easier.

We are lucky to have very good transport links in the Midlands and we will offer to meet and greet you at our local designated airports, bus and railway station. We will pick you up and transport you to the camp site. And at the end of camp, we will return you to any of the local designated pick up points too. Groups are allowed to arrive onto the camp site on Saturday 27th July 2019 and depart on Saturday morning 3rd August 2019. UK onsite hosting groups will also arrive and leave on these dates

The cost of this service will be £5.00 per person. This designated travel point pick up offer is primarily for international groups and  international staff.

Please let us know as soon as you can if you would like to use this service along with what kit you would like transporting. Note in addition to your personal kit you are also expected to bring with you your own sleeping bag, roll mat etc.

The local designated airports, bus and railway station are:

  • East Midlands Airport (the nearest airport to the campsite)
  • East Midlands Parkway Railway Station
  • Birmingham International Airport
  • Birmingham International Railway Station

Birmingham Airport railway station is called the Birmingham International Railway Station.

East Midlands Airport and Birmingham Airport have a coach station nearby at the airport.

All other transport arrangements and costs in the UK are the direct responsibility of each International travelling group.

The costs for you to budget for coach and train fares will vary. The cost to you will also depend on what airport arrived at or point of entry into the UK, the day of the week and the time of day and all of these will affect the cost of your travel in the UK.

If you are a large group arriving at other airports or other points of entry into the UK it would probably be more cost effective to hire your own coach and come directly to camp. Please do not hesitate to discuss sourcing a coach firm with the International Team and we will try and help you with your research.

Do not hesitate to contact the International Team for further information –