Be Part Of Our Staff Team

About the Staff Team

The Charnwood Staff Team is made up of hundreds of friendly, enthusiastic, hard-working people who want to make Charnwood the best International camp ever! We are so thankful for each and every one of them as without them the camp wouldn’t happen. So why not join the Charnwood Staff Team this time? Our Team have have a great time with us.

As a Team Member you’ll be fully involved in running the day-to-day commitments that make Charnwood possible. We do expect you to work hard and be 100% committed. There is no doubt you will have fun and make lots of new friends whilst on the Charnwood Staff Team. Come and see how Charnwood is different from other international camps.

Who Can Apply?

Volunteers can apply if you are 18 years old and over and a member of the World Scout Organisiation Movement (WOSM) or the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). For UK members, you will require a valid DBS.

The Cost

We realise it can be hard for some people to get time off from work for the whole of Charnwood so we have come up with a flexible cost structure:

  • One off £2.50 registration fee – including children
  • 12 Hours stay – £5
  • 24 Hour stay – £10
  • Full Staff members – £40
  • Staff Catering (optional add on) – £65

Below are some examples of how the total cost is worked out.

Example 1: Full Staff Member plus Staff Catering

Staying for the full week, I would pay £42.50. I would add £65 for staff catering making the cost £107.50

Example 2: Part Time Staff Member (12 Hours)

I am only staying onsite during the day or have an overnight shift at camp for 12 hours and will be visiting twice. I would pay the registration fee once (£2.50) plus £5 for every visit. This would cost £12.50 in this example.

Example 3: Part Time Staff Member (24 Hours)

I would like to camp at Charnwood but I’m only able to do from Saturday through to Tuesday (3 Nights) as I have to work on Wednesday. I would pay the registration fee once (£2.50) plus £10 for every 24 hours. This would cost £32.50 in this example.

What can I do?

There are lots of roles available so you can apply for one that matches your skills, personality and experience to make sure that working with us is also great fun. Take a look at the available roles in the initial registration pages and e-mail the team manager/leader from the relevant team if you see something that interests you or have any question. Haven’t seen something that grabs your attention and feel you could still offer your skills? Please feel free to contact us on

Staff Catering

Staff Catering is now available to book. Once registered, you can book staff catering by going into the staff login pages and select “Staff Catering” tab.

A sample menu can be found here: