We are the 10-14 subcamp that is “Down to Earth”. Our energy is often referred to geothermal energy where we can collect it from a number of sources from the ground. The energy can be used for heating or even electricity production.

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Alan Dimelow

Alan Dimelow

Earth Subcamp Leader

This is my first Charnwood International Scout and Guide Camp 2019 and I’m very much looking forward to ensuring that everyone attending has a great time.
I really enjoy working on Subcamps having run them at several Chamborees (Cheshire’s International Scout and Guide Camp) as well as having been a Subcamp Leader at the 2011 World Scout Jamboree in Sweden .
I have been in Scouting since the age of 8 and moved from Cheshire 3 years ago to Leicestershire where I am currently ADC (Beavers) for Loughborough District.
It will be great to meet you all.