Our Theme

The theme of the camp is “ENERGY“!

Together we will explore how ‘Everything is ENERGY’! Come and #BePartOf thousands of Scouts and Guides from around the globe and discover new exciting adventures.

Our camp is themed around Energy with each Subcamp representing a different aspect from light to speed, water to heat and even sound. Our activities will range from all your favourites such as climbing, archery and water sports, to experiments and adrenaline, crafts and international experiences

Our Subcamps

Charnwood is divided into 6 Subcamps, four for Scouts/Guides aged between 10-14, one for Explorer/Rangers aged between 14-17 and one for Staff.

Once assigned to a subcamp, your subcamp leaders will be in touch to introduce themselves and their team. They will welcome you when you arrive to Charnwood and look forward to spending a whole week with you. They are responsible for the running of your subcamp and will do their very best to make your stay interesting and enjoyable. Your subcamp team will be located at the Subcamp HQ near the entrance to the subcamp.

Each of the Subcamps have been given names of types of “Energy” by our Youth Forum. They have their distinct colours and identity. You can meet the leaders of each subcamp by clicking on the links below.


10-14 Year Olds


10-14 Year Olds


10-14 Year Olds


14-17 Year olds


10-14 Year Olds


Staff – 18+